LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA  DECEMBER 4, 2019 -- For immediate release

PrettyParty, LLC (https://prettyparty.com, @prettypartybty), one of the hottest and fastest growing beauty companies in the United States, announced today that it was expanding beyond the U.S. into the U.K., Australia, and Canada.

PRETTYPARTY launched in February 2019 with a singular focus on building the next great, universally-recognized beauty brand based on innovation and community.  The initial product lineup included revolutionary hair products offering salon quality at affordable prices, as well as accessories and individually packaged gummies for hair health. Going to market primarily through a direct-to-consumer, e-commerce strategy driven by next-generation digital marketing and social media, PRETTYPARTY’s sales have increased dramatically each month since launch.

“We have been humbled by and grateful for the response to our game-changing salon-quality, do-it-yourself hair extensions, built on our patent-pending StyleFlexTM technology, that allow people of all ages and ethnicities to style or change their look in 30 seconds or less—all at a fraction of the price and without the time or hassle of a salon visit, and without the damage that comes from glue, tape, beads, or weaves”, explained founder and CEO Laura Mayer. “The overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received from customers, stylists, celebrities, and others, and inquiries we have received from all over the world, has encouraged us to enter new territories, which we are doing now. In the near future, in addition to our geographic expansion, we will be launching equally innovative product lines across a wide range of other beauty categories for the beautiful consumer of today and tomorrow.”

Luminaries and stylists in the hair community have been effusive in their praise. Michael O’Rourke, founder of Sexy Hair and Rock Your Hair, which together generated over $1 billion in sales, said “I can’t believe how stylish the hair extension products look and how easy they are for the consumer to use. I would love to introduce PRETTYPARTY to the professional market.” John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of Paul Mitchell Hair and founder of Patron, called the products “game-changing”.

Jill Herrera, PRETTYPARTY’s Director of Brand Management, commented, “In addition to offering the most innovative products, we wanted to create an environment of inclusiveness and stay true to our core values. So we developed our TeamPretty brand ambassador program in which participants can sign up and share in PRETTYPARTY’s success—and have easy access to the PRETTYPARTY Playhouse for photo and video shoots, styling sessions, and sharing of looks and ideas (https://prettyparty.com/pages/teampretty) .  We also adopted a Code of Conduct for our entire PRETTYPARTY community that stresses tolerance, respect, integrity, and charity.  Since our launch we have tried to give back by supporting worthy charitable causes such as the Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

Says Laura, “Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t start anything unless it meets two tests:  it has to be consistent with my values as a person, and it has to be huge!  PRETTYPARTY is both, and our international expansion is another step along our journey.  I created the initial PRETTYPARTY hair products as a solution to my own hair disaster and I look forward to introducing additional game-changing beauty innovations in 2020.  We’re excited about expanding our fast-growing PRETTYPARTY community to include people outside the United States and we welcome everyone to join us!” 


About PrettyParty, LLC

PRETTYPARTY, based in Los Angeles, California, is one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the United States.  The company and its game-changing products were developed based on principles of innovation, inclusiveness, community, and respect.  PRETTYPARTY’s initial product line included innovative, patent-pending, salon-quality, do-it-yourself hair extensions and other affordable hair products.  Plans for the future include equally innovative product lines across a wide range of other beauty categories for the beautiful consumer of today and tomorrow.  Visit our website at https://prettyparty.com or our Instagram @prettypartybty for additional information.