LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA  DECEMBER 31, 2019 -- For immediate release.

PrettyParty, LLC (https://prettyparty.com, @prettypartybty), one of the hottest and fastest growing beauty companies in the United States, announced today that it was introducing collections each consisting of a unique, stylist-created look.

“All of our products are DIY, and due to their flexibility there is no limit to the number of looks you can create with them,” said founder and CEO Laura Mayer.  “So we asked some of the talented stylists who have become part of the PRETTYPARTY family to create looks that our customers can easily style for themselves while sitting at home in front of the mirror.  The only guideline we gave to the stylists was that the look has to take less than 60 seconds to implement.”

“We wanted to make all the looks created by our stylists as affordable as possible,” explained Director of Brand Management Jill Herrera.  “So we bundled the products that they used for each look into a collection, then discounted each collection very significantly relative to the cost of buying the products separately.  Typically the collection discount is 30% or even more!  And then, because we want to celebrate all of the members of our PRETTYPARTY family, we named each collection after a popular drink, like the Pink Bellini or the Espresso Martini.  My personal favorite is the Cranberry Cocktail!”

The unique, eye-catching collections continue PrettyParty’s tradition of innovation designed with the sole objective of helping women and girls of all ages and ethnicities look and feel beautiful, for which PrettyParty quickly became known since bursting on the beauty scene less than one year ago.  PRETTYPARTY launched in February 2019 with a singular focus on building the next great, universally-recognized beauty brand based on innovation and community.  The initial product lineup included revolutionary hair products offering salon quality at affordable prices, as well as accessories and individually packaged gummies for hair health. The company intends to introduce new product categories in the second quarter of 2020.

About PrettyParty, LLC

PRETTYPARTY, based in Los Angeles, California, is one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the United States.  The company and its game-changing products were developed based on principles of innovation, inclusiveness, community, and respect.  PRETTYPARTY’s initial product line included innovative, patent-pending, salon-quality, do-it-yourself hair extensions and other affordable hair products.  Plans for the future include equally innovative product lines across a wide range of other beauty categories for the beautiful consumer of today and tomorrow. 

Visit our website at https://prettyparty.com or our Instagram @prettypartybty for additional information.